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Wanaka has an annual rodeo held around the end of each year. it is held on a local property on the edge of town.
We have never been to a rodeo before so decided to go and find out what it is all about. We quickly could see we had the wrong clothes – cowboy boots, cowboy hats,  cowboy shirts, wrangler jean, drizabone coats were worn by the crowd and the competitors.  As it was raining most of the afternoon and really cold we stood out in our ski gear.

So even though we clearly weren’t part of the rodeo tribe,  it was great fun and we soon got the hang of it.

The kids liked watching the other kids hanging to a back of a sheep and seeing who could stay on the longest.  I liked the equivalent on a bull. The heaviest bull is 950 kgs. Hanging on to him looked terrifying and extremely difficult.

The traditional rodeo of the bucking bronco was great to see up close. The stadium is small as were the crowds so we could go right up to the fence and experience what has happening.

There is rodeo paraphanilia for sale. You should see my latest sun hat!