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Wanaka is presently discussing the future of its Sports Facilities.

This is important as “Sports Facilities” cover such things as will the Camping Ground remain in the centre of the town? 35,000 people a year stay in this centrally located camp ground. Very easy to then walk down and support the local businesses.

Two local meetings have just taken place this week and the process is very consultative.

Here’s a section from the document:

The buildings on the camp are owned by the Council and the camp is operated by a lease agreement that
expires on 13 August 2010. A Camping Ground Strategy was adopted by the Council on 26 August 2005. This strategy recommends that at the lease termination the camp be returned to Council
management and be developed as a Holiday Park (similar to the Queenstown Lakeview Holiday Park.
This feasibility study is currently in progress assessing a number of options:
(i) retaining the motor camp in its current location;
(ii) redeveloping the camp at its current location but with a reduced footprint; and
(iii) relocating the camp to another location (such as Albert Town) and redeveloping that alternative location.

Having visited the Queenstown Lakeview Holiday Park last summer, the camping was so expensive, the sites were tiny and we quickly fled to Glenorchy after only one night. It was full of motel units and didn’t feel like any camp ground we have ever stayed at. Let’s hope Wanaka has something a little more low key and more in keeping with the spirit of the town.

Here is a story about moving the swimming pool from the Otago Daily Times.