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What happens to the rubbish is not something most of us think about. Every Monday we put it out on the kerbside and for most of us, that is the end of it

In Wanaka we have lots of great sustainability initiatives which are commendable for such a small town. Maybe you can take some of these ideas back to where you live?

This morning was a miserable one in Wanaka. Raining, very cold, but the good news is that snow is falling on the slopes.  Home day today so switched on National Radio to hear Kim Hill interviewing the Manager of Wanaka Wastebusters, Susan Coutts.  I switched on the radio Susan was already talking.  I was thinking how interesting she was and then Kim mentioned that Susan was from Wanaka Wastebusters. Fantastic! Hopefully,  the podcast will be available at Radio NZ if you missed it.

Wanaka Wastebusters is now seven years old, All the profits go back into the community. Wanaka Wastebusters now employs 35 people and has a turnover of over $1 million! All from collecting and sorting the rubbish.

We like to go out to the Recycling Centre up Ballantyne Rd to get rid of our junk. This is where old skis  and snowboards go to die, old phones, old computers, you name it. The best reusable stuff gets taken out and sold through the shop. I need to go alone or the children invariably find something they have to have. Most things are very, very cheap. Great place to fill up with household bits and pieces if you are just here for awhile. Especially if you are fond of things from the “80’s.

  • Sustainable Wanaka – you can sign up for the newsletter which notifies you of coming activities. I like the sound of “WannaRide” which is a carpooling project. Sustainable Wanaka ran a great campaign called “Bag the Habit – towards a plastic bag free Wanaka.” Outside the supermarket for a longtime last year was a large plastic bag “statue” which was a gruesome reminder of how many plastic bags are used. There is also mention of Green Drinks to meet the other like minded locals.
  • Already in existence is – Sharing rides to save the planet.
  • Recirculate is a resource exchange for the Queenstown Lake Area

Wanaka is about to have our own Farmers/Craft Market from Labour Weekend, which will be great for encouraging us to eat local.

Wanaka has permaculture group for those who want to garden in this way  . Permaculture is perfect for the dry, alluvial soil/rock we have here. If you are into gardening you may want to get along to the composting workshop. Check it out at SustainableWanaka.