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Inside of a Persian Walnut nut with green oute...

The summer weather in Wanaka has been unusually squally, wet and windy. The hills are uncharacteristically green. We are waiting for the weather to settle so we can get out into the mountains for some walking. Time to get into some bottling with all the ripe summer fruits that abound.

A friend is in Wanaka too with a huge walnut tree on her property. We have decided to try making Pickled Green Walnuts. At this time of the year the walnuts are green and have not formed their hard outer shell. To pickle walnuts this timing is critical as once the shell is formed it is too late.

We have found a couple of recipes for Pickled Green Walnuts. One is from Digby Law’s classic “Pickle and Chutney Cookbook”.  The other is from the very beautiful and inspiring Saffron cookbook from the restaurant in Arrowtown. My friend is using Mrs Beeton’s recipe. After comparing a few they are fairly similar.

So have found the preserving pan and the green walnuts are now soaking in brine for 9 days with the occasional stir.

I have no idea what they taste like and have just checked Provisions, the fabulous preserves shop in Cromwell if they sell them as thought it might be worth trying them before we go the all this bother. They don’t. Will let you know how I get on.

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Once you are in the pristine environment of Wanaka, the desire to live sustainably, buy organic, be green comes to front of mind.

I found a book recently at Soulfood Organics called “Organic Explorer – Green Travel Guide to New Zealand“. Gives some great suggestions for those who are travelling around some nice ideas for “green” places to stay, eat and things to do.

They are about to publish an updated 2nd edition. Here is a link to the online database for Otago which gives you a flavour of what the book is like.