Here are some thoughts on Wanaka by some of the many travellers who come here.

Here is the result of the You Tube search of Wanaka. There are 1,200 clips that come up under this search which will give you some idea.

I like this one – Wanaka Morning. Which simply pans the stunning morning scenery that you get all over the town, as the fellow has his coffee.

Wanaka Population

The permanent population is 3,300. In the peak seasons this can swell to as many as 20,000.

At the 2001 Census of Population and Dwellings:

  • The census usually resident population count for Wanaka was 3,330, a change of 32.0 percent since 1996.
  • In comparison, the population for New Zealand as a whole has changed by 3.3 percent since 1996.
Wanaka New Zealand
Males 1,638 1,823,007
Total 3,330 3,737,277