The Clutha River at Albert Town, New Zealand. ...

Setting off from the Dinosaur Park down by the lake, there is a path that leads all the way around to Beacon Point. When you are looking at the lake, take the path to your right.

This is a perfect easy cycle for young kids on a path that is away from the traffic. We stopped when the path gets sandy and rutted but if you were with confident riders I would keep going, along the Upper Clutha Outlet and then complete the circle back through Albertown and back to Wanaka. I just didn’t fancy seeing my children tip into the  fast flowing Clutha River.The Outlet track is not difficult for a mountain biker at all.

It took us about an hour each way, but we go slow and stop for all sorts of things.

DoC and the local Wanaka bike shop have a good map of the area and all the rides. Take all the food and drink you need.

This is a perfect ride for kids who are just getting started cycling. Scenic, safe and breathtaking scenery.

Wanaka has lots of great mountain biking – Check out the Laka Wanaka Cycling

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