Lightning McQueen Alexandra Blossom Festival

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It started out well, Saturday at the Alexandra Blossom Festival. The festival has been going since 1957 and was started to herald the spring and to celebrate the beautiful cherry blossoms whose fragile pink blooms, for just a few weeks, are everywhere in Alexandra

The Blossom Festival starts with the Truck Parade, filling the Alexandra’s main street with 100’s of trucks. Quickly after the entrée, the main course, the Grand Procession begins. Eight floats that had been painstakingly covered in paper blossoms by local community groups. stole the show as a most of the Grand Procession was a drive down main street for all manner of vehicles. The paper blossoms were the only sign of the “Festival of Spring”.

We liked the marching girls and the marching Mums, the bagpipes and the old cars. But the SUV’s, the power boats, the drag cars?

The heavy police presence, when we rocked into town at 10.00 a.m. should have been a sign. Later we realised why there were so many police about. Being an Otago lad, my husband warned me that the Blossom festival had always been a mecca for bikers . Clearly, motorbikes are too expensive these days and the “Boy Racers” with their rowdy cars have taken over. The town was alive with cars full of young men careering around the streets of Alexandra. Who knows what would have happened that evening, we left before the “Saturday in the Park” commenced.

The Japanese have wonderful celebrations for the beginning of spring. People get together to picnic under the trees in the urban parks. It would be lovely if the special moment that the blossoms have arrived was really celebrated at the Alexandra Blossom Festival.